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5 Easy Tips for Creating Content for Your Site...Mean Girls Style

Note: If you haven't seen the 2003 classic "Mean Girls," stop whatever you're doing and watch it now. You won't regret it, and this post will be a whole lot funnier if you've seen the movie.

Content marketing has become a trend that marketers everywhere have tried to incorporate into their strategy.

You can almost say that content marketing has become “so fetch.


As a result of this growing trend, there is plenty of content that is available to all in the cyber world. However, that does not mean that it is all valuable or useful information to customers or prospects.

If you want to avoid being the Gretchen Wieners of content marketing, check out these five useful tips:

1. Put Yourself in Your Prospect’s Shoes

Not to be rude, but the content you create is not about you, Regina George.


When you're thinking about creating or sharing content with both customers and prospects, it's important that you take a second and put yourself in their shoes. Think about the type of content that they would like to encounter. How can you HELP them to solve their problem?

2. Content Should Be Engaging and Helpful

The content that you share on your website and social media platforms should be both ENGAGING and HELPFUL. The information you post can be your own, or it can be someone else’s. And yes, we are citing our sources. Imagine how disappointed your college professor would be.

However, once again, I REPEAT - make sure that the content is relatable to your brand and what you do, as well as valuable and engaging to your audience.

PS: Don’t be afraid to apply humor in your content, as long as it is appropriate and relates to the content that is being shared.


3. Use Simple Language

The content that you share with on your website and social media platform should use simple language and wording. Do not use jargon (Those fancy industry words that no one is trying to define while reading your post.)! Don't make your posts longer than they need to be!

You want readers to return to your website and social media pages or to refer to you to their friends and family as an expert. You do not want them to leave your page feeling more confused than when they first got there.


4. Craft a Catchy Headline

After you have written or pieced together your content, go back and look at the title of your work. If you haven’t come up with one, it’s time to get those brain juices flowing. You want the title or headline of your content to be catchy and intriguing that will result in both customers and prospects to click on your link that will take them to your content.

5. Presentation Matters

Finally, the presentation of your content matters. Make the use of headings, bullet-points, and white space. If you can, include visuals such as pictures or stickers, embed videos and GIFs to your content.

According to the American Marketing Association, millennials are 25% more likely to engage with online content than older generations, especially content in the format of online video.


Creating content for your website or social media platform requires time and practice. Ensure you incorporate these tips as a part of your practice, or else…